What South Africa Imports from India: A Comprehensive Guide

India and South Africa have close economic relations; in 2022–2023, bilateral commerce between the two nations is expected to reach $7.8 billion. India is a major trading partner of South Africa, while South Africa is a major trading partner of India in Africa.

What South Africa Imports from India: A Comprehensive Guide

India exports a wide range of products to South Africa, including:

  • Refined petroleum
  • Cars
  • Special purpose ships
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Organic chemicals

Parts and accessories of such goods include machinery, appliances, electrical equipment, and sound recorders and reproducers, as well as television image and sound recorders and reproducers.

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These goods are imported by South Africa from India due to their excellent quality and reasonable price. Additionally, India is a dependable source for these goods, and the two nations have positive trading relations.

The following are some of the benefits of trade between South Africa and India:

  • It accelerates economic progress and generates jobs in both nations.
  • It offers a greater selection of goods at affordable costs to consumers in both nations.
  • It facilitates innovation and the transmission of technology.
  • In addition to fostering greater economic relations between the two nations, it supports regional peace and stability.

In the upcoming years, commerce between South Africa and India is anticipated to increase as both nations continue to expand their economies.


1. What products India export to South Africa?

Refined petroleum, cars, special purpose ships, pharmaceuticals, organic chemicals, machinery, electrical equipment, iron and steel, plastics, textiles, cereals, footwear, and optical instruments are among the top exports from India to South Africa.

2. What does India provide South Africa with?

India is a major supplier of consumer goods, industrial items, and pharmaceuticals to South Africa. South Africa receives a significant amount of its electricity from India.

3. What are South Africa's top 5 imports?

Mineral fuels, machinery and mechanical appliances, electrical equipment and parts, automobiles, and medicines are South Africa's top 5 imports.

4. Why is India important for South Africa?

India is a significant trading partner and source of investment for South Africa. India and South Africa are both members of the BRICS alliance of developing nations.

5. What goods are in high demand in South Africa?

Consumer items like food, clothing, and gadgets as well as industrial goods like machinery and equipment are in high demand in South Africa.

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