Facts about South Africa that put it on the world stage

Facts about South Africa that put it on the world stage

1. There are 11 official languages: South Africa is the only country in the world with 11 official languages, reflecting the diversity of its people and culture.

2. World-renowned wines: The Cape Winelands region of South Africa is known for producing world-class wines.

3. Three capital cities: South Africa has three capital cities: Bloemfontein (judicial capital), Cape Town (legislative capital), and Pretoria (executive capital).

4. The very first heart transplant: South Africa was the site of the world's first heart transplant, performed in 1967 by Dr. Christiaan Barnard.

5. The United States is the first country to produce oil from coal: South Africa was the first country to extract oil from coal in 1955.

6. Soccer, Cricket, and Rugby World Cups were held there: South Africa is one of only two countries in the world to have hosted the World Cups for Soccer, Cricket, and Rugby.

7. Beautiful classic estates and structures: Many of the most beautiful classic estates and buildings in the world can be found in South Africa, many of which date back to the colonial era.

8. Only one country grows Rooibos Tea: Rooibos Tea is a type of tea that grows only in South Africa.

9. The world's third-best drinking water: South Africa's drinking water is ranked third in the world for safety and portability.

10. The world's largest brewing company: SABMiller, based in South Africa, is the world's largest brewing company by volume.

11. The world's longest wine route: Route 62 in the Cape Winelands region is the world's longest wine route.

12. The largest themed resort hotel in the world: Sun City's Palace of the Lost City is the world's largest themed resort hotel.

13. Only one country has voluntarily ended its nuclear weapons program: South Africa is the world's only country that has voluntarily abandoned its nuclear weapons program.

14. Major platinum and gold producers: South Africa is a major platinum and gold producer, accounting for nearly 90% and 41% of global supply, respectively.

15. The world's most luxurious train: The Rovos Rail in South Africa is regarded as the world's most luxurious train.

16. Second largest fruit producer: South Africa is the world's second-largest producer of fruits.

17. One of the world's most beautiful cities: Cape Town is consistently ranked as one of the world's most beautiful cities.

18. The largest diamond in the world: The world's largest diamond was discovered near Pretoria, South Africa, at the Premier Mine. It weighed 3,106 carats and weighed about 1.3 pounds.

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