O come, let us worship and bow down;
   let us kneel before the Lord our maker
   Psalm 95:6

Kom, laat ons aanbid en neerbuk; laat ons
kniel voor die Here wat ons gemaak het
Psalm 95:6

(Hierdie bladsy in Afrikaans)

THEME: "TALITHA KUMI" - Young Woman, Stand Up!

Call to worship (young woman with lighted candle)
I am alive! Yes! I am alive and well ! Jesus has raised me up and has given me life.
Come, Christian Women all over the world,
unite with the women of Indonesia!
Come, you who are heavy laden and oppressed, helpless and harassed.
Come, you who are despised, rejected and who are suffering.
My sisters and brothers in faith, arise! Let us come to the Lord, the Giver of Life!

O Lord God, You are the Source of Life, the Lord of Resurrection.
Here we are, O Lord, we humbly come to You.
The love of Jesus Christ lifts up our hearts and gives us joy.
The power of God the Father sustains our life and inspires us to live in the fullness of life.
The Spirit liberates us from our differences so that we may live in unity.


Praise my soul the King of Heaven,
To His feet thy tribute bring;
Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven
Who like me His praise should sing?
Praise Him! Praise Him! (x2)
Praise the everlasting King!

Angels, help us to adore Him,
Ye behold Him face to face;
Sun and moon, bow down before Him
Dwellers all in time and space:
Praise Him! Praise Him! (x2)
Praise with us the God of Grace!

Praise Him for His grace and favour
To our fathers in distress
Praise Him still the same for ever,
Slow to chide, and swift to bless:
Praise Him! Praise Him! (x2)
Glorious in His faithfulness!
Prayer of Thanksgiving

Living God and Source of our life, we give thanks because You allow us to take part in your work of salvation.
We thank You for your warm touch that opens our eyes and our hearts to see your glory.
We thank You for your wonderful help that strengthens our faith and brings us comfort.
We thank You for your gentle calling that sustains our hope and makes us love You more.
Let each one of us enter the new life with joy, a life that overflows with hope because of your power. Amen

He is Lord, He is Lord,
He has risen from the dead and He is Lord!
Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess
That Jesus Christ is Lord.



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