O come, let us worship and bow down;
   let us kneel before the Lord our maker
   Psalm 95:6

Kom, laat ons aanbid en neerbuk; laat ons
kniel voor die Here wat ons gemaak het
Psalm 95:6

(Hierdie bladsy in Afrikaans)


Let us stand beside our sisters in Indonesia and identify ourselves in their circumstances, confessing our own shortcomings where they affect us.

O God, who leads our lives, who unites us in the bond of love, in your presence we confess the many sins which we have committed by thought, word and deed, against your divine majesty.

    In our family life - we try to possess, and not serve one another.
    We do not listen to and support one another.
    We are not willing to accept and to make each other whole. Our family life has lost its togetherness and unity. Our fellowship with one another has not been harmonious.

There are walls that prevent us from proving our leadership. Our horizon has been narrowed, and self-doubt keeps us from taking action.
We have been conditioned to sacrifice our life as a duty instead of enjoying it as a privilege, through sharing in Your creative work.

Father, forgive us.
    O Lord God, You are the Head of the Church, You call on us, your people, to grow together.
    But some of our church leaders are promoting their own narrow and selfish interests, and concentrations of power have been formed.

Gender differences are an undeniable fact, as well as differences
  • between the old generation and the young ones,
  • between theologians and the laity,
  • between the intellectuals and the people on the street,
  • between the rich and the poor.
We women, serving as daughters in your Church, have felt barriers in our efforts to improve our own talents and skills. Our role in manifesting the Church as the One Body of Christ has not always been appreciated.
We have been discouraged and feel helpless
Lord our God, have mercy on us wherever we have failed.
In our daily lives we have been inclined to concentrate on our personal concerns and those of our group, instead of on the needs of others.
Often we are not willing to share, we have instead become greedy.
Often we do not love each other, but instead become demanding towards one another.
Often we do not appreciate others, but instead look down on them.
Often we do not cherish life, nor allow it to flourish.

Oftern we do not maintain our environment, intead we tend to destroy it.
Lord God, have mercy on us wherever we have failed.
Women have been conditioned to look for artificial pleasure.
Some have allowed consumerism to push them into becoming objects of business.
We are overwhelmed by economic development and political deception.

O God, these influences may scar your image in us.
As we enter the new millennium,
  • se still carry old problems, even the debts of our parents,
  • we face the confusion and complexity
    of advanced technology
  • we struggle against those business practices that crush
    the lives of workers and destroy our forests and oceans.
O God, ruler of the Universe, You always plan good things for your creation. But modern civilisation has created a new social order with its own culture of humanism.
This has an impact on the lives of women.
However, we are not whithout hope! We are not powerless!
Christ died for us and He rose from the dead.
In Him we are forgiven. Christ calls us to live an abundant life.


Prayer for our Land:
Almighty, everlasting God, bless our land, our rulers and our people. Granat that all of us may live in obedience to Your Word and follow after truth, righteousness and justice. Lord, give peace in our time, to the glory of Your Holy Name, through Jesus Christ our Lord.
This is our petition, O God, our Source of Life. Hear our prayer, O Lord.

Prayers for our Church
Heavenly Father, You have called us to be living members of Christ's Holy Church. Bless the fellowship of the Church. Bless all ministers and missionaries. Uphold the words of Your Truth. Increase in us Your grace, and help us do deeds of mercy. Grant to all who belong to Your Church a sure faith in Your Holy Word, and lives which are obedient to it. May we always serve You and each other in prayer and love, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
This is our petition, O God, giver of Life. Hear our prayer, O Lord.

Prayer for all in need:
Almighty, merciful Father, You have told us not to think of ourselves only, but to remember the needs of others.
We pray for all in want or need, for the sick in mind and body, for the poor and lonely, for those in distress and despair, and for all who have stayed from Your way.
Merciful Lord, deliver them, strengthen and restore their faith, bless and help them, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
This is our petition, O God, our Provider, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Risen and Living Lord.
Hear our prayer, O Lord

Prayer for Indonesia
O Lord of Life, we pray for the women of Indonesia, their families their Churches and their land. Bless them, we pray. Give them new hope and faith. Relieve their poverty and suffering. Protect them from all evil, and raise them up to a new life in the Spirit. Let them live in the joy of your Salvation. Through the redeeming grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
This is our petition, O God, our Father, Ruler of the Nations. Hear our prayer, O Lord.



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