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    The Lord is nigh unto all them that call
    upon Him, that call upon Him in truth.
    Psalm 145:18

Die Here is naby almal wat Hom aanroep,
almal wat Hom aanroep in waarheid
Psalm 145:18

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The Power of Prayer
through the Word of God (6)

Use the Faith You Have

(Continuation from Power of Prayer (5))

There is a joy that comes when you get answers to prayer. But if you're not getting answers to prayer, if you're not getting results, then there can be a look of perplexity and trouble on your countenance. There is an air of doubt, perplexity, fear, and confusion about you. You have the attitude, "I'm uncertain; I don't know."

But you can know God hears you when you pray according to His Word. And your joy can be full even before you see the answer because you are resting on the integrity of God's Word.

There is no joy in all the world like seeing God moving in your family and in your home, answering your prayers. In John 16:23 Jesus is talking about individual prayer, not corporate prayer. He said, "… Whatsoever YE shall ask . . ." Jesus is talking about something that concerns you. Jesus said, "…ask, and YE shall receive, that your joy may be full" (John 16:24).

This woman asked Wigglesworth if she could have that joy too. He told her that she could, but she would have to first get saved. She wanted to get saved and to know Jesus. She said they had a prayer book in the house, but that they'd never known anything about the new birth or about the wonderful joy that comes from having your prayers answered. Right there in that room, Wigglesworth led this woman to the Lord, and light broke through to her spirit; she was born again. She became happy and full of joy because the burden of sin had rolled away.

She asked Wigglesworth if she would be able to keep this new joy and have it every day. He assured her that she could, but that the best way to keep it is to give it away. He told her to tell everyone she came in contact with about her salvation.

Wigglesworth had been working there long enough to know that she had many lady friends in social clubs. She was a woman of wealth. He told her that at the club meeting she was to have that afternoon, she should tell all the women present about what had happened to her.

The reason many a Christian's life becomes stagnant is that there is no "giving away." Many Christians do not share what they have received from the Word with others. Christians can increase their joy by witnessing about the Lord's goodness in their own lives.

There is no joy in all the world like leading a poor lost soul to Christ. So if you're not doing that, remember, the way to keep your joy is to give it away.

Jesus wants our joy to be full or complete. We know that one way to ensure continual joy is to give our joy away. And Jesus also told us in John chapter 16 that we could have fullness of joy by asking the Father in Jesus' Name and by receiving whatsoever we ask for in prayer.

Have Joy Before the Answer Comes

On another occasion I was reading about Wigglesworth. Wigglesworth was telling about a time in his life when he was facing dire financial needs. He was visiting in London in the home of a very wealthy man. As the story goes, if Wigglesworth had even hinted of his financial needs, that wealthy man would have given him all the money he needed. But Wigglesworth didn't tell anyone but the Lord about his need.

As Wigglesworth and the wealthy man were walking in the park, Wigglesworth was happy and singing because he had cast all the care and the burden of his need upon the Lord (1 Peter 5:7). Therefore, Wigglesworth didn't have a care. ' The wealthy man wasn't in the same happy mood. He told Wigglesworth that he would give all he owned just to have the spirit of joy Wigglesworth had. Wigglesworth told him that joy wouldn't cost him anything. All he had to do was cast all of his cares on Jesus.

Wigglesworth told the man that he himself didn't have a care in the world, although at that very moment, Wigglesworth was in great financial need. But Wigglesworth didn't tell the man he had needs because Wigglesworth had cast his cares upon the Lord. Now the Lord had Wigglesworth’s burden and Wigglesworth was free and happy. If Wigglesworth would have even hinted to his friend that he had some kind of a need, the man would have helped him. But Wigglesworth didn't mention it.

Many times I've been around folks when I've had great financial needs, but I didn't reveal it in any way. I just smiled because I was happy and free. I had cast all of my cares over on the Lord. God's Word is free.

Worry Blocks God's Answer to Your Prayers

Our text says, "… ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full" (John 16:24)! God wants us to receive answers to our prayers and be full of joy. How can we be full of joy and victory when the circumstances look dark and we have needs in our lives? We are full of joy because we walk by faith, not by sight. We know that whatever we ask of the Father according to the Word, He will give it to us – that our joy may be full (John 16:23,24)!

Could your joy be full if you had great financial burdens pressing upon you? If you had bills to be paid and couldn't pay them? No, your joy couldn't be full then.

However, once you've asked the Father to meet your need in Jesus' Name, sometimes you need to have joy before you ever see the money you asked for. You have to be just as joyous before you see the answer as you are once the answer materialises. You'll block or hinder God from helping you if you're worrying and trying to figure out how the answer is going to come. If you are trying to figure things out, then you have the care or burden of the problem, and that means God doesn't have it. You're still carrying that load and God can't help you.

We need to realise this fact. It does very little good, if any, to pray if you're going to continue to worry and fret and wrestle with the problem yourself. You might as well say amen because it's so!

My mother told me that when she knew I was travelling, she would pray that the Lord would be with me. I would finish a meeting in California and then travel straight through until I got home. She would just stay awake worrying, waiting for the telephone to ring, announcing bad news. I told her that she was wasting her time, that she might as well not pray if she was going to keep on worrying. She would pray that God would protect me, and then she would stay awake worrying.

That's the way many people act when they pray. But worry can hinder you from receiving answers to prayers. Worry can stop God from being able to move on your behalf.

Thank God, prayer means more than that. John 16:24 says, "...ask, and ye SHALL RECEIVE, that your joy may be full." When you pray in faith, according to God's Word, you are full of joy and rejoicing even before the answer materialises because you know God heard you. You have His Word for it. Read.
(1 JOHN 5:14,15)

THANK YOU… May God Forever Bless You

I have received many E. mails to thank me for the good work. This has given me much joy and each message sends me direct to Heaven and back, it gives me strength to carry on, but it's I that should thank you for reading these teachings, please do what I do as these were pass to me you pass them to others, including and most important to those who do not know our Lord our Saviour JESUS CHRIST.

Try to understand and practise these principles in your life. As I continue every week here on the Net www.sachristian.co.za to put them into prospective for you. If you do, you will surely grow in your fellowship with the Heavenly Father. You can also learn to allow the Word of God to abide in you so you can pray according to God's will, and your prayers will be answered. Then Jesus' words in (John 16:24) will be fulfilled in your life: Your Joy will become full!

Best Greetings to all of you, brothers in Christ, may God bless you much as you continue to walk, the walk of faith in Jesus’ Name. Praise and Glory be to God.

Yours Sincerely


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