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    The Lord is nigh unto all them that call
    upon Him, that call upon Him in truth.
    Psalm 145:18

Die Here is naby almal wat Hom aanroep,
almal wat Hom aanroep in waarheid
Psalm 145:18

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The Power of Prayer
through the Word of God (20)

Your Prayer of Faith Wonít Always Work for Others

Letís operate according to the rules set down in Godís Word. In other words, using Mark 11:24, I can make my faith work for myself, but I canít always make it work for others. The other personís will and the other personís faith enter the picture too.
In the prayer of agreement, the unbelief of one person can nullify the effects of the other personís faith. As long as people are baby Christians, we can very often carry them our prayers and on our faith. But it is also true that after a certain period of time, God expects people to develop their own prayer life and their own faith. Thatís why your faith wonít always work for others. But your faith will always work for you if your faith is based on Godís Word.
I noticed that there have been people who would get healed primarily on the faith of the person who prayed for them. Usually these were people who would come in from denominational churches or who had just recently been saved. They were spiritual babies on the subject of divine healing. It was the easiest thing in the world to get them healed.
The older Christians were the hardest ones to get healed. I donít mean older in physical age. I mean those who had been Christians the longest. You see, God expects more out of the person who has been taught the truth of Godís Word and who has had the opportunity to grow in his own faith.

A story that I read went on to say the following:
After World War II, there was a revival of divine healing in America. It began in about 1947 and lasted through about 1957 or 1958. Many healing evangelists and every one of them said the same thing. primarily those ministers who held meetings in the churches were the ones who would run up against this problem.
All these healing evangelists said that they could never really get people healed until they got past all the Full Gospel Christians. The healing evangelists would just sigh in relief when they got past them. Why? Because most Full Gospel folks were expecting to be healed by the ministerís faith.
They had done very little themselves in the way of studying the Word and getting it down on the inside of their hearts or spirits. They had not developed their own faith as they should have. Therefore, God couldnít heal them any longer based on the ministerís faith because He expected them to have developed their own faith. And since they hadnít, they were having a hard time receiving their healing.

Usually in a circumstance when a person is a baby Christian and is unschooled in the Word of God, the prayer of faith will work for him Ė I can get him healed on my faith in the Word. Most of the time , the very fact that baby Christians or denominational Christians come forward to receive prayer proves that they want their healing and they arenít opposed to divine healing. So if they will just remain neutral, I can get results for them based on my faith in the Word.
However , some times even more mature believers still want to be babies and let someone else carry them and do their believing for them. But that wonít work. God expects folks who know how to use their own faith to use it and to believe God for themselves.
Some people have got their healing when I prayed for by a Pastor, but then after a year or so, the same Pastor could not get them healed again. The pastor prayed for them with just as much faith as he had before. In the same book I read the following as well:

ďIn one church we pastored, we began to have a healing service every Saturday night. There was one woman in a wheelchair who attended the meetings. She had arthritis, and her body was just stiff. She could roll herself around in the wheelchair and was able to cook her own meals and do her own house-work. If she happened to get the flu, for example, I could pray for her and she would always get healed. She would always get healed of any minor ailment.
Finally a group of us went down to her house to pray for her healing from arthritis. I knew what God was going to do, and so I just asked the prayer group to stand away from her. I said to her, ďIn the Name of Jesus, rise and walk.Ē All the others in that room with me were witnesses right out of the chair! it was as if someone were holding her up in mid air!
There she was suspended above that chair! Then the power of God started pulling her upward, but she reached back down, and when she did, she just fell back down into it!
I said to her, ďSister, you donít have a bit of faith, do you?Ē
She blurted out, ďNo, I donít. Iíll go to my grave from this chair.Ē And she did.
We werenít to blame that this woman didnít receive her healing because when we prayed for her,
the healing power of God came down upon her. if she had believed God and had co-operated with his healing power, her body would have been loosed, and every joint in her body would have been healed.
Thatís the reason we have meetings and seminars Ė in order to teach people so they can grow in faith. Some people have had the opportunity to grow in their faith but they just havenít done it. Now theyíre on their own, but they still donít give the proper attention to the Word, so their faith doesnít grow. Thatís a sad situationĒ.

Another story I read was that this Pastorís sister had cancer, he went to the Lord in prayer on her behalf. (He stood his ground on the Word for her life, and the Lord told him that she would live and not die.) Well, she was healed, and there were no symptoms of cancer left in her body whatsoever. Five years went by, and then she had cancer in another part of her body. There was no relation to the other kind of cancer that she had. This time it was in the bone. She gradually lost so much weight, she was down to seventy-nine pounds.
The Lord kept telling that she was going to die. He kept asking the Lord why he couldnít change it. The lord told him that sheíd had five years in which she could have studied the Word and built up her own faith, but she hadnít done it, and she died.
This is a sad example, yet it is true. God wants us to develop our own faith and grow as Christians and not just stay babies, expecting others to carry us with their faith.
Weíre willing to help other, and we do so, but believers cannot continue to remain spiritual babies. If you had ten children and all of them remained babies, they wouldnít be able to help one another, and you would be in a mess! Children should grow up in the natural, and then the older ones can help the younger ones. It should be the same way spiritually. God wants all of his children to grow up in Christ.

If the Church is growing, there will continue to be babies born, as is proper and natural. But if everyone in the Church remained in a babyhood state of spiritual growth, who would take care of the babies? We would have a real problem on our hands spiritually speaking!

God has set different ministries in the Church (Eph. 4: 11.12). For example, an evangelist is primarily interested in winning the lost. But if everyone were an evangelist, all we would ever do is get people saved, and those new converts would always be babies because there would be no one to teach them or shepherd them. But spiritual babies need to grow up, and it will take other ministry gifts in the Body of Christ to help them do that.
God saw that spiritual babies need a shepherd, so He set pastor in the Church (Eph. 4: 11). he wanted His sheep to be matured further, so he put teachers in the Church too. Sometimes a pastor can be a teacher and a preacher. But the point is, God wants all of His children to grow spiritually. That is one reason He has put us in a local body of believers. Committing ourselves to a local church and sitting under the pastoral ministry is one way to grow spiritually.
If we let our flesh dominate us, we will still want to be babies and let someone else carry us spiritually. But as a Christian you can pray the prayer of faith for yourself. Stop saying you canít. Say that the ability to pray in faith belongs to you.
Continually say what the Word says about you. Put your name in Mark 11:24 where Jesus says ďyou.Ē
Take Mark 11:24 as a personal promise to you. Say, ďJesus says unto me, what things so ever I desire, when I pray, I am to believe that I receive them, and I will have them!Ē Learn to pray the prayer of faith for yourself and receive answers to your prayers.

Best Greetings to all of you, brothers in Christ, may God bless you much as you continue to walk, the walk of faith in Jesus' Name. Praise and Glory be to God.

Yours Sincerely


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