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    The Lord is nigh unto all them that call
    upon Him, that call upon Him in truth.
    Psalm 145:18

Die Here is naby almal wat Hom aanroep,
almal wat Hom aanroep in waarheid
Psalm 145:18

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The Power of Prayer
through the Word of God (16)

Praying for Results

(John 16:23,24)

As I discussed in previous chapters, prayer should be addressed to the Father in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are to pray to the Father in the Name of Jesus.

Also, weíre not to pray for Jesusí sake. We found that out. And we know not to pray, just to be praying. We are to pray for results. If results do not follow our prayers, then our prayer life is a failure, and we need to find out why or prayers are not being answered.

Examples of Praying for Results

Here is a little story about a man called Dr. Charles Price. He said someone had phoned him and asked him if he would come to the hospital. He ordinarily didnít do that because he usually didnít have the time. But this person who was in the hospital had been a friend of his in days gone by; this was a woman who had been converted under his ministry.

He went to the hospital to visit her and found that she was dying of cancer. Dr. Price was there when the physician came, and Dr. Price told the woman he was going to go home and pray for her. The womanís physician heard Dr. Price say that. Outside the hospital room, Dr. Price and the physician talked, and the physician told Dr. Price heíd better pray because it would be just a few hours before the woman would be gone. The physician then said that he believed in prayer and that he knew it would soothe the womanís mind and calm her down and prepare her for what was ahead.

Dr. Price told the doctor he wasnít going to pray just to prepare her for death! She already had peace because she was a believer. He said he was going to pray that she would be healed. The doctor looked at him as if he had been slapped with a wet dish rag. Dr. Price then went back into the room and laid hands on the woman and prayed, and she was healed and raised up! Dr. Price was praying for results. We should pray for results too.

And another story this time from a man called P.C. Nelson, who was a Baptist minister for a great number of years. Actually, thirty of his fifty-two years of ministry were spent as a Baptist.

Nelson had a wonderful testimony of healing. In 1921 he was run over by an automobile in Detroit, Michigan. The doctor said Rev. Nelson would lose his leg or else it would be stiff for the rest of his life. But Nelson was healed. Then he held healing meetings across the nation for different denominational churches.

P. C. Nelson was once holding a meeting in Arkansas for the Baptists and was praying for the sick. A pastor of another Baptist church in the state who had gone to seminary with Dad Nelson heard that he was in the area, so he decided to go and hear this new "doctrine" of healing Rev. Nelson was teaching. The Baptist pastor went to the meeting and was very much opposed to what Nelson was teaching. The Baptist pastor talked about it at home and aroused the curiosity of his family. They had never heard anything like it, so he took the family to Nelsonís meeting, including his mother who was living with them.

The next morning at the breakfast table, this Baptist family was again discussing what Dad Nelson was teaching about healing. This pastor thought it was all right to pray for someone, but he thought it shouldnít be done publicly. He didnít think they should have a healing line; and if they did pray, they should just pray that the will of the Lord be done. His wife and some of the older children agreed with him. But his mother said that she wouldnít criticise what Rev. Nelson was teaching.

Finally the five-year old son, who was the baby of the family, spoke up and said, "Well, Dad, the only difference I can see is that we pray in our church on Sunday morning, ĎLord, bless the sick,í and donít expect anything, but that man prays for them right then/"

That got this pastor to thinking, so he went over and began to attend the meetings. He began to really listen to the teachings, and he began to understand that believers ought to pray for results. Thatís true, isnít it? Whatís the use of praying, if weíre not praying for results! Thank God, God does hear and answer prayer. He wants to hear and answer your prayers.

Remind God of His Promises

God didnít put all of the promises and all of the statements relative to prayer in the Bible just to fill up space! They are there for our benefit. They are for us to use. They are for us to act on. One of the best ways in the world to pray is to just follow the admonition and instruction of Godís Word.

ISAIAH 43:25,26

In other words, remind God of what He said in His Word. Those who have been mighty in prayer have always been those who have come before God and have reminded Him of His promises and of His Word.

I suppose Charles G. Finney was one of the most outstanding exponents of prayer who ever lived. He is known as the man who prayed down revivals. As far as church history is concerned, he had the greatest success concerning converts of any other minister since the days of the Early Church. Supposedly, more people remained saved under his ministry after conversion than in any point in history since the days of the evangelistic journeys of the Apostle Paul. Whole cities were stirred because of Charles Finneyís prayers.

For instance, his autobiography says that in 1829, Finney went to Rochester, New York, and conducted a meeting, and practically everyone in town got saved. All of the honky-tonks and beer joints were closed down. There wasnít a place in town left where one could buy anything alcoholic to drink. Nearly everyone in town had to have gotten saved in order for that to happen.

The only theatre in town closed up. Vaudeville was popular then, but there was no need to put on a show if no one went to the theatre! There was such a move of God that when the circus came to town, there was only one performance and only two people showed up! The circus had to close down and leave town. Everyone was interested in God. The revival was on. The people just werenít interested in anything else. You can learn something from a fellow like Finney.

Also on his autobiography it said that he was a Presbyterian minister and then a Congregationalist. When Finney was a Presbyterian, he was holding a meeting sponsored by the Presbyterian Church. He told about going to another place in New York to preach in a Presbyterian Church on a Sunday afternoon.

Finney had been talking for about fifteen minutes when suddenly the power of God fell on him, and four hundred people fell off their seats onto the floor (there were more than four hundred people present). They fell to the floor under the power of God. Finney hadnít seen that happen before. He found out that all four hundred people had gotten saved; they had all been sinners.

Also in George Whitefield autobiography. He came over from England to preach and held street meetings. He was preaching on the square in Boston, Massachusetts, and because the crowds were large, some would climb up in trees to be able to see. Whitefield would tell them to come down out of the trees when he preached, because if the power of God did come down, they might fall out of the trees. He was Methodist, and many were saved in his meetings. This was old-time Methodist preaching.

These were men who knew how to pray for results! They made prayer their business for the glory of God. For example, when you read about Finney, you find that he was a real man of prayer. I read in his autobiography years ago, and he said that heíd had some experiences in prayer that alarmed him. (I wish we could say in the same way Finney meant it that we had experiences in prayer that alarmed us!)

What Finney meant was that many times in prayer, he found himself saying to the Lord, "Lord, You donít think that weíre not going to have revival here do you! You donít think that Thou couldst withhold Thy blessings. You said in Your Word to ask and it would be given to us."

Finney said he found himself telling the Lord what the Lord had said in his Word. He found himself telling the Lord that He was obligated to perform His Word because He had said it. The following is an excerpt from something Finney said, and it shows us that Finney prayed for results, basing his petitions firmly on the promises in Godís Name.

I was constrained to pray without ceasing. [I could not rest in the house and was obliged to retire to the barn frequently through the day, where I would unburden my soul and pour out my heart to God in prayer. I had wonderful faith given to me at that time, and had some experiences that alarmed me. When alone I would wrestle and struggle, and my faith would rise till I would say to God] that He had made a promise to answer prayer, and I could not, and would not, be denied. [I could be so burdened as to use such strong language to God in prayer.] I felt so certain that He would hear me, and that faithfulness to His promises, and to himself, rendered it impossible that He should not hear and answer, that frequently I found myself saying to Him, "I hope Thou dost not think that I can be denied. I come with Thy faithful promises in my hand, and I cannot be denied."

You can see how necessary it is to find scriptures that cover your case. If you donít know what Godís Word has to say about a situation, you canít put Him in remembrance of His promises. If God wants us to put Him in remembrance, then put Him in remembrance! Heís asked us to do so, so letís do it.

(ISAIAH 43:26)

We are certainly facing great need everywhere. People are dying because of their lack of knowledge about Jesus. The sick are needing healing. The weak are needing strength. What is our part in this mighty prayer life?

Are you doing what He wants you to do? Is your life right with God? Does your heart condemn you? If so, get right with him now. Thank God, it doesnít take very long. He said that "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us Ö and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness"

(1 John 1:9). Then whatever it is youíre praying about, pray through to victory by faith in Godís Word.

Praying for Finances in the Name of Jesus

If youíre praying for money, let me say it again, bind Satan over your finances and command the money to be loosed in the Name of Jesus. You are to command money to be loosed because the money you want or need is here on this earth. God is not a counterfeiter; Heís not going to make money and send it down from heaven. All the money is here in this realm.

God put all the silver and the gold (Haggai 2:8), and the cattle upon a thousand hills (Ps. 50:10), and the world and the fullness thereof.

(Ps. 24:1; 89:11; 50:12) On this earth for you and me. He didnít put it here for the devil and his crowd.

God put it here and then gave Adam dominion over all of it. Then Adam committed high treason and sold out to the devil, and the devil became the god of this world (2 Cor. 4:4). Actually, Adam had dominion

(Gen. 1:26-30), but he sold out to Satan and now Satan is the god of this world. The devil is the one who is controlling the finances on the earth.

But, thank God, Jesus came and defeated the devil. Jesus gave us the right to use His Name. If you want deliverance, the Bible tells you how to obtain it. The Lord taught me this.

I was poverty-stricken and my nose was to the grindstone. I began to see this truth, and the Lord told me never to pray for money anymore. In other words, I was not to ask God to give me money. He said that He would not send it from heaven; it is already down here on earth. He said that in the Name of Jesus, I should command the money I need to come to me, because it is already here in this earth.

Jesus said that whatever amount of money I needed or wanted, I should claim. Itís Satan, the god of this world, who is trying to withhold money from us. But God has said that He wanted His children to have the best. He said His Word declares "If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall want the good of the land" (Isa. 1:19). God says in His Word that He would give good gifts (Matt. 7:11; James 1:17).

We need to realise the principles by which God works. He has given us the Name of Jesus to use. The Lord told me He was not the one who was withholding finances from me. He said He wasnít the one who wanted me to be poverty-stricken and to go through life without anything. He said He wouldnít be the right kind of Father if He wanted this for his children. He said that even any sinner who has a heart is concerned about his children. Even an animal is concerned about his offspring.

The Lord said He would be out of step with His whole creation if He wanted less than the best for His children. He said there never was an earthly parent who desired to do more for his children than He did for His children. But He said most of His children wouldnít co-operate with Him.

God told me to command the devil to take his hands off my finances. You see, God canít do anything for believers if we donít co-operate with Him. And we canít pray for God to do something when we are not doing our part by standing in our place of authority in the earth Ė in the Name of Jesus.

You see, if we just pray for the Lord to do everything, when God is actually waiting on us to stand in our place of authority with the Name of Jesus, then we are putting all the responsibility on God. That is not where the responsibility is. We have a part to play because through Jesus Christ deliverance has already been obtained of us. Now we are to stand in our authority against the devil and against circumstances which do not line up with Godís Word. God will do His part, but we must do our part.

I immediately began to do what the Lord said to do, and from that day to this, I never prayed anymore about money. I just always tell Satan to take his hands off of my money, and I claim whatever amount of money I need in the Name of Jesus. You see, when I am standing in my place of authority in the Name, then I am doing my part. (For further study, see Ref. Kenneth E. Haginís minibook (How God Taught Me About Prosperity).

Continue to grow in your fellowship with the Heavenly Father. You can also learn to allow the Word of God to abide in you so you can pray according to Godís will, and your prayers will be answered. Then Jesusí words in (John 16:24) will be fulfilled in your life: Your Joy will become full!

Best Greetings to all of you, brothers in Christ, may God bless you much as you continue to walk, the walk of faith in Jesus' Name. Praise and Glory be to God.

Yours Sincerely


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