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    The Lord is nigh unto all them that call
    upon Him, that call upon Him in truth.
    Psalm 145:18

Die Here is naby almal wat Hom aanroep,
almal wat Hom aanroep in waarheid
Psalm 145:18

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The Power of Prayer
through the Word of God (11)

Hi everyone greetings in the name of Jesus. I'm back and I would like to wish you all a great year full of blessings from the Lord our father. I had a great holiday in Mozambique.

And the time spent there gave a chance to reflect even more in the word of God, and thank Him for living in such a wonderful country as South Africa, you see Mozambique is so poor and the people live without much that suddenly I remembered how blessed we are.

I would like to thank all those who have written to me through my e-mail address (fernando@creativedimension.co.za). Every time I get a note from you, I'm filled with such happiness and joy, you just can't believe, you see when I put together these teachings I can't help thinking if there is anyone reading them. So keep on saying hello and if any of you need any help I'm here, I will respond immediately, if the problem is out of my knowledge reach, there are various Pastors who can help me help you with your requests. Indeed have a great year and be blessed in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

JOHN 16:24

Ask, using my name, and you will receive, and your cup of joy will overflow.

The word "hitherto" means up till now Ė until this time. People did not pray in Jesus' Name while Jesus was still here on the earth. It wouldn't have done any good: "Hitherto [up till this time] have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full"

(John 16:24). Your joy couldn't be full with needs unmet. Your joy couldn't be full if you couldn't pay your rent. Your joy couldn't be full if your children were sick.

Of course, after your children grow up, they're on their own as far as developing their own faith is concerned.

They will have to sue their own faith; you can't carry them then on your faith. But as long as they're small, you can pray the prayer of faith for them, and theyíll receive their healing. I have seen children healed when their parents prayed for them.

Hereís a story, I read about this very thing, itís about the son of a pastor, in America.

He was holding a meeting in one of the towns far away from their home. One evening the telephone rang just after 6:00 in the evening. His wife was with him, and her mother was at home with our children. His mother-in-law called and asked me what she should do with his son, he had the mumps. She said his jaws were swollen, and he was running a fever.

He told his mother-in-law that God would heal him. She said he had been crying all afternoon (he was about eleven or twelve years old). He told her to call the boy on the phone. She did, and he told him that he had told his grandmother that if she would call his father, he would pray for him and God would heal him. The father assured the son that God would heal him. He told him that the minute they hung up, he would kneel down and pray for him and God would heal him.

The grandmother was told what was going to happen. She told the father later that he lay on her bed and went to sleep immediately. She let him sleep awhile, and after forty-five minutes, she woke him and told him to put his pyjamas on and get in his own bed. When he awakened, he noticed that his jaws werenít swollen anymore and his fever was gone. From that minute on he was all right and never did have the mumps again.

God hears and answers prayers. You might as well settle that. The Word works. Too much of the time people just make a little stab in the dark at praying. They call it praying, and then they let it go. In other words, they just hope something will work out some way or somehow. But we need to firmly take our stand o Godís Word and let heaven, hell, and the earth know that Godís Word is true and that we believe it.

It Makes a Difference How We Pray

Some people say that how one ends his prayers doesnít make a lot of difference, but it does because you canít plead your case scripturally before the Father based on the words, "for Jesusí sake." But you can plead your case based on the words, "in Jesusí Name." And if it makes no difference, Jesus wouldnít have told us to pray that way.

But Jesus told us that we are to pray to the Father in His Name (John 16:23). If we say that this scripture isnít important, we might as well say that other scriptures in the Bible arenít important. But all of Godís Word is important. In fact, Godís Word says, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away" (Matt. 24:35).

For example, Jesus spoke the words in John 3:16 too. Since John 3:16 is true, these words in John 16:23 are just as true. I know God has helped us many times when we didnít know any better, but we ought to be able to grow in the areas of faith and prayer. Many times God condescends to meet us where we are spiritually, but it is better when we can grow up spiritually and meet God on His level, which is praying in faith according to His Word.

Try to understand and practise these principles in your life. As I continue every week here on the Net www.sachristian.co.za to put them into prospective for you. If you do, you will surely grow in your fellowship with the Heavenly Father. You can also learn to allow the Word of God to abide in you so you can pray according to Godís will, and your prayers will be answered. Then Jesusí words in (John 16:24) will be fulfilled in your life: Your Joy will become full!

Best Greetings to all of you, brothers in Christ, may God bless you much as you continue to walk, the walk of faith in Jesus' Name. Praise and Glory be to God.

Yours Sincerely


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